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Cart safety checklist for business!

Everyone hates getting that noisy cart. Great safety checklist for businesses who use carts.

CARE Maintenance

Many store managers do not realize that improper functioning carts are a liability to employees, businesses, and to the safety of customers. The following checklist will help you decide if there are potential hazards with your fleet.



  • Safety warning on child seating area is intact and legible.
  • Seat belt is in working order, and able to be buckled appropriately
  • No missing components on the cart
  • All fasteners are secure and tight.
  • Wheels and castors:
    • Not loose, missing, or bent.
    • Wheels roll freely.
    • There is no noise coming from the wheels.
    • Wheel wears evenly, and is still adequate for use.
  • All areas on cart are intact and there are no protrusions that can cause injury.
  • Welds are intact.
  • Joints are intact.
  • Cart is level…

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The Dreaded Roundabout

simulate me

Roundabouts.  Many people seem to curse their existence, and at times lament them being installed in new communities that never had them before.  While often new ideas or the requirement of new skill sets can be daunting; often education and understanding can go a long way towards relieving some of the major concerns.  And as for navigating roundabouts, just like the way to get to Carnegie Hall, it can take practice, practice, practice.

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Moped Users are Drivers Too

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The sun is shinning, and as we put away our heavy winter jackets, many people are taking things out of storage that they use during the warmer months; cleaning the grill, opening and prepping the pool and getting set to ride some variation of a two wheel mode of transportation; which might be a bicycle, a motorcycle or a moped.  A “bike,” and by whatever means it’s propelled, may not be your speed – so to speak – but any driver on the road must be certain not to completely disregard them either.  They’re out there; ignoring them also means ignoring state and municipal traffic laws, which is not only illegal, but it recklessly endangers the lives of the people you’d just as soon pretend aren’t there, who are just minding their business.

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Learn about Intellectual Property Rights – Law

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One of the most important things in intellectual property is to understand the value of an idea or an invention. Lets take one of the most prominent ideas in the history of mankind the personal computer. It is well known that the idea of personal computer was rejected at first. IBM was dominating the market and they considered the PC to be a failure. Xerox instead developed stuff like Operation System and even the first mouse in one of its labs. But the executives were too focused on copying machines and also rejected the project. All the inventions fell into the hands of Steve Jobs and he released the first Mac. The market basically exploded and today we have a PC in almost every home. Xerox hasnt received ad dollar, because the patents were not made at the required moment.

Before moving to ways of protecting intellectual property at first…

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Breaking the News to the Kids about the Decision to Divorce

Jayne L. Brayer Attorney P.C

So many clients, friends and family have shared their experiences on that first talk.  While no two stories are the same, there is no easy way to tell your children that you and your spouse have decided to split, there is one scenario I have seen that is certain to hurt your children.

                               “Its Not My Fault”


In this situation, where one parent is unfaithful to the other, it is only natural to feel hurt, betrayed and angry.   The faithful spouse does not want the children to blame him or her for the sins of the cheating spouse.  Assume it is the father who was unfaithful.  It usually plays out like this:

Mother: Kids, your Father and I have something to tell you.

Kids:  What?

Mother:  We are getting a divorce.

Kids:  (sobbing uncontrollably) BUT…

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