Co-Worker’s Text Messages Form the Basis of Human Rights Complaint: 
Employer Not Liable

Advocacy Around the World

Shortly after finding out she was pregnant, the Applicant exchanged text messages with a Friend who worked for the Employer restaurant about potential vacancies.   The Friend told the Applicant that the Employer was looking to hire a server.  The Applicant was interested in the position and met with the Friend to discuss it further.  The Friend was aware of the Applicant’s pregnancy; however, advised the Applicant not to mention her pregnancy to her supervisor until the Employer had a chance to see how the Applicant was performing in her new role.

Although the Employer was only advertising for three server positions, the Applicant was ultimately hired as one of five new servers.  Subsequent to her hiring, she worked a total of 15 hours for the Employer over the course of two weeks.  The Applicant then received a series of text messages from the Friend which stated that the owner…

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