Get your sleep before taking the wheel

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Most drivers are familiar with don’t drink and drive, but there are other ways that you can be just as dangerous on the roadways.

In addition to drunk driving, law enforcement keeps an eye out for seat belt violations and texting, but something you may not know, is they are on the lookout for tired drivers too.

Comedian Tracy Morgan was critically injured in a deadly crash June 7th involving a semi-truck. In a criminal complaint, police said the driver of that truck has been awake for more than 24 hours. That incident has put the growing problem of tired driver in the national spotlight.

Trooper Curtis Summerville says that sleepy driving is something that officers do focus on, especially during the holidays. He says the number of tired drivers actually picks up during travel periods. They have been noticing that people mistake…

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The Dreaded Roundabout

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Roundabouts.  Many people seem to curse their existence, and at times lament them being installed in new communities that never had them before.  While often new ideas or the requirement of new skill sets can be daunting; often education and understanding can go a long way towards relieving some of the major concerns.  And as for navigating roundabouts, just like the way to get to Carnegie Hall, it can take practice, practice, practice.

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Moped Users are Drivers Too

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The sun is shinning, and as we put away our heavy winter jackets, many people are taking things out of storage that they use during the warmer months; cleaning the grill, opening and prepping the pool and getting set to ride some variation of a two wheel mode of transportation; which might be a bicycle, a motorcycle or a moped.  A “bike,” and by whatever means it’s propelled, may not be your speed – so to speak – but any driver on the road must be certain not to completely disregard them either.  They’re out there; ignoring them also means ignoring state and municipal traffic laws, which is not only illegal, but it recklessly endangers the lives of the people you’d just as soon pretend aren’t there, who are just minding their business.

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