Breaking the News to the Kids about the Decision to Divorce

Jayne L. Brayer Attorney P.C

So many clients, friends and family have shared their experiences on that first talk.  While no two stories are the same, there is no easy way to tell your children that you and your spouse have decided to split, there is one scenario I have seen that is certain to hurt your children.

                               “Its Not My Fault”


In this situation, where one parent is unfaithful to the other, it is only natural to feel hurt, betrayed and angry.   The faithful spouse does not want the children to blame him or her for the sins of the cheating spouse.  Assume it is the father who was unfaithful.  It usually plays out like this:

Mother: Kids, your Father and I have something to tell you.

Kids:  What?

Mother:  We are getting a divorce.

Kids:  (sobbing uncontrollably) BUT…

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