How Texting Affects Your Family Law Case

text message

In the age of the smartphone, texting is an increasingly prevalent form of communication. Many people feel more comfortable sending a text message rather than calling or sending an e-mail to the other person. What does this have to do with family law?

A Paper Trail of Proof

Because mobile carriers keep records of text messages, texts create a paper trail of proof. This can be quite helpful or harmful to your case. For example, imagine that two spouses agree through a text message discussion to a particular custody arrangement. Later on, if one spouse reneges upon the agreement, the text records can be used to prove the agreement.

Easing Tensions

When two spouses are on tense terms, communicating to each other via text message can help lessen or remove the tension from a volatile, emotionally charged situation. It takes time to craft a text message and make the decision…

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