Wrongful Foreclosure Scenarios


As a result of the real estate crisis, many homeowners have suffered foreclosure or are on the verge of suffering foreclosure and do not know how to move forward in protecting their rights and homes. 

Some are in denial, others have heard that filing bankruptcy is the immediate answer, and others are simply praying for a miracle.  The good news is that there are options and the fight is not over, the bad news is that it will take some effort on behalf of the homeowner to fight the lender and get the best possible solution.

There are five types of scenarios in regard to foreclosure, with the first being the best and the last being the worst-case scenario.  However, this does not mean that the game is over, even if you are in the fifth scenario of the following situations:

  1. A trustee sale has not yet taken place;
  2. A…

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Intellectual Property – The 3 Branches: Copyrights, Patents & Trademarks – Law

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When you hear the phrase intellectual property, what do you think of? How can something that exists in your mind be considered property? Are your ideas your property similar to that of your house or car?

Simply put, no, your ideas are not something you can solely own. After all, if ideas were never shared in the marketplace, where would we be? Imagine if Bill Gates had never shared his ideas about the new BASIC programming language that he and Paul Allen developed…would Microsoft exist? How would that have impacted our world today? Let’s take it back even further: what would life be like if Louis Pasteur had never shared his ideas about heat treatment, what we now call pasteurization? The sharing of ideas has brought us to where we are, good and bad.

So, what is intellectual property?

Intellectual property is those ideas fixed in a form. That is…

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Posting Truthful Negative Reviews Online Can Cause Big Headaches

Robert K. Hawkinson P.S.

Fined For Posting A Negative Review Online. Years ago, a Utah woman posted a negative review about an online company from which her husband ordered Christmas presents. The company never sent the products and Paypal canceled the order after 30 days. The wife tried unsuccessfully to contact the company, and wrote a negative review on a customer complaint website. The review stated there “is absolutely no way to get in touch with a physical human being,” and accused the company of having “horrible customer service practices.”

The company fined the couple $3,500 for “disparaging” comments in accordance with the fine print in the terms of sale on the company’s website. The couple tried to get the comment removed, but the customer complaint website allegedly wanted $2,000. The couple then learned the online sales company had dinged their credit report for the unpaid $3,500. The couple recently has been trying…

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Woman Tweeted ‘2 Drunk 2 Care’ Before Reportedly Causing Deadly Car Crash


A 20-year-old Floridian, who goes by the moniker “pot princess” on her Twitter description, tweeted “2 drunk 2 care” before allegedly causing a deadly car accident that killed two women in the other car, reports the Miami New Times. 

Gary Catronio, father of one of the deceased, was concerned when his daughter missed her 2 am curfew without communicating with him. The crash occurred at 1:45 am.  Using the phone tracking app linked to her phone, Catronio saw that his daughter was stopped on the Expressway at 2:11 am. Shortly thereafter he and other family members drove to the deadly scene, which was already surrounded by police.

Kayla Mendoza, who caused the crash, tweeted these messages the day of the accident. Her Twitter account uses a different spelling of her name:

kayla mendoza tweet drunk
Kayla Mendoza tweet

Miami New Times reports Mendoza was taken to the hospital after the crash and is…

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Winter Driving Tips for Teens


Have you brushed up on your winter driving tips? With November here and December just around the corner, colder weather is sure to move in soon. Especially in St. Louis and other parts of the Midwest, snow and ice storms are a normal part of winter. If you’re new to driving or you have a teenaged driver, now is a good time to familiarize yourself with winter driving tips so that you and your loved ones won’t end up stuck in the cold.

Winter Driving Tips for Teens

The best way to stay safe in winter weather is to avoid driving altogether. However, this might not be possible for you — so you should still learn these winter driving tips for the times when travel is necessary!

Winter Driving Tips: Icy Roads

Follow these winter driving tips when you’re on icy roads, and you should avoid accidents:

  • Turn your headlights…

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It Takes Two – Teaching your Teen Good Driving Habits


Teen drivingWe’ve all heard the saying “it takes two” and when it comes to teaching your teen good driving habits, it couldn’t be truer.  Take yourself back a bit if you will and try to remember the first time your parents handed you the car keys. The excitement was nearly uncontainable and the freedom you felt was like nothing you had ever experienced up until that point in your teenage life.  National Teen Driver Safety Week starts October 20th and carries on through the 26th.  This year, the NTDSW theme is “It Takes Two: Shared Expectations for Teens and Parents for Driving.”  Hold on tight with these tips to help you and your teen overcome the (sometimes stressful) training that it takes to become a great driver!

For Parents

Set the bar high. Lead by example by following the rules of the road. Don’t talk or text on…

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