The Way to Quit Foreclosures – Methods on Stopping the Property Foreclosure of Your Property – Real Estate

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Once you sign up for that loan or home loan, the very last thing that you’d ever would like to get is really an observe of foreclosures. It is because each discover of foreclosures continues to be issued, the potential risk of you having your home repossessed significantly boosts. As such, a notice of property foreclosure is plenty of to bring an individual into a feeling of distress and vulnerability.

Meaning of Foreclosure

So what is a foreclosures? The phrase property foreclosure identifies a set of legal proceedings which may then cause the debtor of a home loan or home loan to fall behind around the repayment daily activities as what was presently decided having a creditor or standard bank like a financial institution. As a result of this fall behind, the lender or financial institution get back the home borrowed or mortgaged. At these times, the lending company or…

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Becoming a Corporation: How to Transition from “Me” to “the Company”

Anne Marie Segal

[Note: This post was written while I was a practicing attorney running a solo law practice. Since April 2015, I have been working with attorney, executive and entrepreneur clients as a career coach and writer, and I am not currently available for legal engagements.]

A client of mine recently received her filing receipt evidencing incorporation in the State of New York. Her astute next question was “now what?” She had been carrying on business in her own name and wanted to know how to begin conducting her activities as a corporation.

She was asking, in other words, “how do I transition from me to the Company?”

This is a great question. I am sure that, by knowing to ask it, this client is off to a great start. One of the most important features of a corporation is that is generally offers limited liability, so corporate protocol must be followed to…

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