Tips to Coping with Parental Alienation

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Methods and Suggestions from Parents on Coping with

Parental Alienation


In the midst of Parental Alienation, as a target parent you may wonder what it was you ever did to cause your own child to not even talk or spend time with you. Perhaps you feel that if the relationship between you and your child’s other parent hadn’t broken down, you would still have the loving, wonderful relationship with your child that you used to have. You may doubt yourself and feel embarrassed to talk about it with others close to you, fearing that the blame will be laid all on your shoulders for the baffling deterioration of the relationship between your child and you, you may worry a confidant will wonder what it is you did to cause it.

You may also feel very alone, powerless and at loss as to what to do. It may interrupt…

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What is a Domestic Agreement?

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Businesswoman Ready for Work with Husband In Kitchen.There are lots of reasons why couples don’t get married these days. Maybe you are in a same-sex relationship and can’t get married in the State of Michigan. Or maybe you and your partner would have to pay more in taxes or have credit problems if you were to tie the knot. Whatever your reasons, if you are going to live with someone but not get married you should consider signing a Domestic Agreement.

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