Be Careful About What You Remove From Social Media, Too

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Social Media Perils

There is a seemingly endless stream of problems that can arise from social media and technology when it comes to divorce and family law.  If you have spoken with a family lawyer lately, you likely heard a warning to be very careful about what you put on the internet.  That is an important rule of thumb always, but especially if you are involved in a divorce or custody case.  It is also important to be careful about how you search for information about the activities of a spouse or others.

This is becoming such an important topic that a few hundred North Carolina family lawyers recently met in Greensboro specifically to learn about the criminal and civil liabilities that can arise for ourselves and our clients from various digital activities.  The program addressed a number of the topics, some of which I’ve addressed in earlier blog posts, but one important additional topic…

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Calculating child support

Double Litigation

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Children do not have to suffer the consequences of their parents’ divorce. Child support exists to give children a good standard of living in the wake of their parents’ separation. The law takes into account several factors in determining the amount to be paid, as outlined in the California Family Code.

Section 4053 of the code identifies the factors considered in determining the right amount of child support. The law considers the income of each of the parents, along with respective responsibilities in caring for and supporting the child.

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Another important factor determined in the law is the maintenance of children’s standard of living, which should be identical to that of their parents. Parents who refuse to pay adequate child support may have to suffer very serious consequences. The court may elect to execute a wage assignment, where the supporters in default will have…

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Fewer Teens in Cars Under the Influence of Alcohol

American Screening Corporation

This is some good news coming from the American Journal of Public Health in the recent survey completed by over 17,000 high school seniors. According to the most recent survey, there are still more than 1 in 4 high school students driving after drinking alcohol or riding in vehicles driven by a teen who has been drinking. BUT this is down total of 4% from last year. The news was not so good for marijuana use. The number of teens who drove after smoking marijuana, or rode in a car with a driver who had been smoking actually increased 2% this year. Even with this increase, the overall number of drivers and teen passengers on the road while under the influence has dropped a measurable amount this year. Statistics from this study also confirm what had been proven in previous studies, that males are more likely to drive after drinking…

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Don’t Let Divorce Define You

Love Your Divorce

NoFaultYesterday, once again, I left the courthouse beaming with pride at what my clients have accomplished.  We sat in the courtroom most of the morning waiting until the judge could take our uncontested divorce action.  We waited through status conferences in which people fought over what date they would exchange financial information.  We sat through case management updates in which lawyers bickered with each other over how much information was necessary, and when the confidentiality agreements would be signed.

Not my clients.  They were in court on the day that their mandatory waiting period expired, and they were there with a generous and humane agreement.  The Judge was so shocked by how well my clients got along, and the civil nature of their agreement that he said this to the husband, “I have been on the bench for 40 years, and I have never seen anything like this before.”


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How To Tell Your Kids You’re Getting Divorce


Separation and divorce can be a very distressing and upsetting time for a child, no matter how old they are, and when choosing the fast-track, cheaper route of a DIY divorce from how2divorce it is important for you to ease your child gently into the idea of their new family situation.  Your child may fear losing one of their parents that they will be abandoned or simply be scared of their uncertain future.  Although there is no easy way to break the news, there are ways of telling your child that you and your partner are splitting up that will reduce their worries and fears.

1.  Tell Them Together

Unless it is impossible it is essential that you and your ex tell your kids together.  Put your differences aside for the good of the children and show one last united front to tell them the news.  Seeing both parents there…

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Brown Motors Offers Safe Driving Tips for Teens

Brown Motors Petoskey Blog


Teens face the greatest risk of crashing during their first year of driving. One out of every five licensed 16-year-olds will be in a vehicle crash.

“There have been some pretty bad accidents throughout the north recently. We want to help make the drive safer for everyone in Northern Michigan,” said Steve Brown. “The importance of safety belt use and understanding the risk of distraction are examples of topics we would like everyone to keep in mind every time they get behind the wheel .”

Brown Motors has some suggestions for parents and teens to keep us all safer on the road.

Brown Motors’ Safe Driving Tips for Teens

  • For the first year, Michigan limits the number of passengers new drivers can have, but, there are so many exceptions. A new driver can have passengers driving to school or an authorized activity, to work, or if the passenger is related…

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Franchise Success: Avoid Franchise Failure From the Beginning! – Business

Raw Business Law


If you are among the many people who want to become a business owner franchising may be the best choice for you! People who start a franchise business have a higher chance for success than those who begin their own independent business. However, even with that said a franchise can still fail. It is important that you choose wisely and do everything in your power to ensure that you are on the right path to success, not the path that leads to failure.

Once you have decided to own a franchise, you must find a franchise that fits you and that you will gain the most from. I will stress that it is critical that you find a type of franchise that interests you. If not, you are wasting your time. You must also find a type of franchise that meets your abilities and skills. If you cannot do what…

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Don’t overlook these important estate planning concerns in divorce

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When you get a divorce in California (and everywhere else!), there are important estate planning considerations to take into account.  In fact, these are so critical that you could end up leaving your estate to your ex spouse (ouch!), having your ex make important medical decisions for you, or – if you act hastily and without the proper information – you could get into trouble with the court system.

During Divorce:  First, when you file for divorce in California, regardless of whether it’s Alameda County, Contra Costa County, or any other county, once the other party is served, both of you become restrained from doing certain things.  One of these restraining order involves your will or trust, and prohibits you from making any changes to your will or trust once you’ve filed for divorce and served the other party.  One of the others prohibits either of you from changing…

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