Park City Mountain Resort Issued an Eviction Notice.

What It's Like To Be a Beginning Snowboarder When All of Your Friends Aren't

What’s probably worse than getting an eviction notice yourself if you’re a snowboarder? Park City Mountain Resort getting one. Talisker Land Holdings has slapped the mountain with an eviction notice, and they have until the end of the weekend to clear out (Unofficial Networks). This story breaks my little snowboarder heart into a million pieces.


Aerial view of Park City
Image taken from

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that Park City is business as usual – continuing to operate and sell tickets.

However, it seems as though 14 year old girls on twitter are not the only ones who can bring the drama. The Salt Lake Tribune has also reported that Park City is not afraid to call anyone out over the eviction notice, blaming Vail and calling them a “bully.”

“Vail’s eviction notice is nothing more than a bald-faced attempt to circumvent the litigation already in process…

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