Legal expert discusses impact of DA’s decision on Willard shooting

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SALT LAKE CITY – A day after the Salt Lake County District Attorney ruled the fatal shooting of Danielle Willard by two West Valley City police detectives was not justified, legal experts weighed in on the decision.

Danielle Willard was shot and killed last November at the Lexington Park Apartments, 2200 West 3700 South, in West Valley City.

Defense attorney Brett Tolman said it’s both significant and rare when forensic evidence doesn’t back up a police officer’s story, but that’s exactly what the DA determined in the case. The two WVC PD detectives said they feared for their lives when Willard tried to leave the parking lot.

“What we don’t typically see, the officer’s statements not being corroborated and from what it appears in the investigation, you have some very significant differences in terms of the trajectory of the bullet, the angles with which the shooting…

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