Please Avoid Distracted Driving, The Life You Save May Be Your Own Or That Of Someone You Love


My initial thought was to limit this blog to texting while driving, but felt the title would be too limiting and obvious.  Everyone knows they should not text and drive, but many engage in this risky behavior everyday. 

The bigger issue is distracted driving.  I am amazed at the activities drivers engage in while behind the wheel.  I have personally witnessed drivers apply makeup, shave beards, look down towards their lap, look at a passenger in the rear seat, look at their phone to type or read a text or dial a number, reach for something on the floor or back seat, and even nodding off to sleep.  All while the car is in motion.

I cannot tell you the numerous times I had to avoid a collision with a distracted driver whose car veered into my lane.  Not to mention the driver who is still texting well after the light turns…

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