Prevention tips let you enjoy the outdoors

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Good weather gives you opportunities to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors. It also gives some unscrupulous people the opportunity they are looking for to burglarize your home or car and take your valuable possessions. You cannot prevent 100 percent of the thefts, but there are steps you can take to minimize the potential problem.

According to the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics: “victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $4.6 billion in lost property in 2009: overall, the average dollar loss per burglary offense was $2,096.” Further the report indicates “burglaries of residential properties accounted for 72.6 percent of all burglary offenses.”
These statistics clearly show that we have to be very aware of the potential for theft and take necessary steps to minimize this crime.

The National Crime Prevention Council offers the following tips to help you protect your property:

  • Light the outside of your home…

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Please Avoid Distracted Driving, The Life You Save May Be Your Own Or That Of Someone You Love


My initial thought was to limit this blog to texting while driving, but felt the title would be too limiting and obvious.  Everyone knows they should not text and drive, but many engage in this risky behavior everyday. 

The bigger issue is distracted driving.  I am amazed at the activities drivers engage in while behind the wheel.  I have personally witnessed drivers apply makeup, shave beards, look down towards their lap, look at a passenger in the rear seat, look at their phone to type or read a text or dial a number, reach for something on the floor or back seat, and even nodding off to sleep.  All while the car is in motion.

I cannot tell you the numerous times I had to avoid a collision with a distracted driver whose car veered into my lane.  Not to mention the driver who is still texting well after the light turns…

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Dog Days – How to Out Run a Dog

Safe Rider Tips

Why do dogs chase motorcycles, cars and bikes? Because they can. Ok that was lame, but it is partly true. According to the statistics of the National Safety Council it is believed that 81 deaths and over 4,513,213 accidents a year are caused by dog interference. Most experts believe that it is a vehicles noise, the need to protect “their” turf and/or the threat of danger that can lead some dogs to play the chase-a-way game.

Research also shows that a medium sized unrestrained dog can hit a moving vehicle with a force of 1,500 pounds. That much force can cause serious injuries and damage. A dog chasing after any vehicle can put it in the path of another vehicle causing even more potential for an accident.

According to Motorcycle Safety Foundation the proper way for a rider to handle this danger is to slow down and then accelerate quickly…

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Why It Is Important To Exchange Insurance Information At The Scene Of An Accident, No Matter How Minor

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Getting in an accident is scary and even if it is just a minor accident, can be a nightmare. From repairs to knowing what injuries your insurance covers, a car accident is a hassle.

Dealing with the insurance process after a car accident is a lot easier if you know the details of your coverage. The main question you will have is who will pay for the damages.

accidentSay the accidentwas minor; you and the other drivers may decide to handle the damages yourself without involvement of an insurance company. This, however, is not always the best idea and here is why:

  • If the accidentis not your fault the at-fault driver may agree to pay the car damages. However, when he sees the repair bills, he may decide it is too high. At this point, time has passed and your insurance company will have more difficulty piecing together…

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