New numbers show economic impact of City Creek, Gateway malls

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SALT LAKE CITY — Taxable sales figures obtained by FOX 13 on Tuesday reveal how much of an economic impact the newly built City Creek Center had on downtown Salt Lake City — and on The Gateway mall.

The Utah State Tax Commission tallied up the 2012 taxable sales, breaking them down to the City Creek Center and The Gateway. They do not include the real estate housing in both developments.

“We just took a snapshot of both Gateway and City Creek,” Utah State Tax Commission spokesman Charlie Roberts said Tuesday.

The City Creek Center, built at an estimated cost of $2 billion, opened in late March of 2012. The numbers provided to FOX 13 reveal that the mall made more than $200 million in about nine months of operation.

“We are very pleased with the performance of the center and thrilled to be part of…

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Zion National Park

Cameron | Kirstin | Chinook | Switch

We have just spent two and a half days camped just outside Zion National Park, in Utah. We spent the first day by the pool, prior to taking the park shuttle up the canyon and walking to the trailhead of ‘the narrows’. The second day, we drove the east portion of the canyon, through the mile-long tunnel and back.

Having not spent any time in the desert, this park was spectacular! I’d love to come back in the fall and do some longer hikes….but at 38C it’s too hot to fart.

We’ve also found that spending two days (three nights) seems to be the perfect amount of time to enjoy an area and not feel like we are constantly driving.

From here, we will have to throw that plan out the window and start the long long long trek north. Next stops: Salt Lake City Utah, Butte Montana, Libby Montana…

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MADD Okay with Illegals with DUIs Staying on America’s Roads

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is refusing to fight to prevent the Senate “Gang of Eight” from allowing illegal aliens convicted of drunk driving from being granted legalized status, or amnesty.

When Judicial Watch asked a MADD spokesperson if they would stand up against provisions in the bill that allow illegal aliens convicted of drunk driving to get amnesty, and therefore keep driving on America’s roads, that spokesperson simply responded that MADD “doesn’t get involved in immigration matters.”

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton told Breitbart News that MADD’s refusal to fight against convicted drunk drivers here is ludicrous. “We know already that Obama is releasing criminal illegal aliens onto the streets,” Fitton said in an email. “This new amnesty will further harm the public safety. In many states, a misdemeanor results in a citizen losing the right to vote. Yet under this amnesty bill, a ‘misdemeanor’ won’t…

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Taking Photographs

Operation OFF

cameraA road trip is just not the same without pictures.  Our country has some of the most beautiful roadside scenery and attractions you’ll ever see, but we simply cannot stop to see them all.  Right?  Well, the alternative is to be super careful and creative and snap these picture with our smart phones at 70 mph.  Later, there’s possibly an insurance adjuster, police officers, and perhaps even a Coroner taking pictures of you and your car at a dead stop… (pun intended.)  These pictures are not really suited for Instagram… are they?


You’re looking at scenery, a view screen, trying to get the stubborn camera to focus, trying to hold the camera still for the shot, while trying to press the shutter button, while also trying to keep the one finger out of the lens…  It’s dangerous.  You’re not watching the road.


Drive.  Put…

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