Hidden Falls, Utah

Sounds like a great place!

The Waterfall Record

I planned on visiting the Salt Lake City area in late May, but due to work rescheduled to early May. I wondered whether snow at higher elevations would have any effect on finding waterfalls. Well, there is still snow, and there were flurries as I was driving to some of the higher elevations. Nothing too bad, though!

I was trying to find Donut Falls, but you’ll have to find out about that elsewhere. The road to the falls was blocked off.  I probably could have walked the extra mile to the trail head, but really had no wish to do that in the snow. Instead, I looked up some other waterfalls that were along the same road.

There are a number of waterfalls along UT-190. Hidden Falls is by far one of the easiest to find, easiest to visit, and just plain impressive. It’s a really stunning waterfall. A mine…

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Utah soccer league to hire security

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NBC Latino

MURRAY, Utah (AP) — The president of the Hispanic soccer league where a Utah referee was punched by a player and sent into a coma says the league will be hiring security for its games.

Mario Vasquez said Friday he’s still in shock about what happened last Saturday to his friend Ricardo Portillo.

He says La Liga Continental de Futbol will continue holding weekend games for children and teens at a middle-school field in suburban Salt Lake City. But he says off-duty police officers will watch over things.

Vasquez says the league was created in 2009 to provide a family-friendly place where the Hispanic community could play soccer.

Portillo’s family says the 46-year-old was attacked before while refereeing. Vasquez says those incidents didn’t happen in his league, and that it’s never seen anything this violent before.

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