Shortcuts Are They Safe?

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Everyone takes a shortcut at one time or another. Kids jump the fence instead of using the gate. Pedestrians cross streets between intersections. In many cases, a shortcut involves danger.

BREAK THE HABIT bigstock-silhouette-of-construction-1123058

If you have the habit of taking dangerous shortcuts, break it. In our work it can be deadly. An iron worker who tried to cross an opening by swinging on reinforcing rods slipped and fell 20′ onto a concrete floor. If he had taken a few moments to walk around the opening, he’d still be tying rods.


If you are told to go to a particular work area, the Company expects you to take the safe route, not the shorter, more hazardous one. The Company, however, can’t be a guardian angel sitting on your shoulder. Avoiding dangerous shortcuts is up to you. And it’s your responsibility to warn…

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