Smoke Alarm Basics

Athens Home Inspector

Having smoke alarms placed throughout your home is not just a good idea, it’s a necessity. In 2008 there were over 400,000 home fires. Unfortunately, a fire can take place due to a variety of reasons but you can still remain safe by installing smoke detectors in the proper places. Make sure to have one on each floor of your home and an additional one outside each sleeping room in the house.

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Sun Safety For Kids: 4 Ways To Protect Your Kids From The Sun

The Jenny Evolution

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to think about sun protection again. You can never be too careful when it comes to sun safety for kids.

Although we know the basics, it’s always good to refresh your memory. I admit it! At the beginning of every summer, my kids somehow manage to get bright pink from too much sun. Keep your kids happy and healthy through the summer months (and don’t forget to follow the advice for yourself, too).

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Shortcuts Are They Safe?

proActive Safety Services Blog


Everyone takes a shortcut at one time or another. Kids jump the fence instead of using the gate. Pedestrians cross streets between intersections. In many cases, a shortcut involves danger.

BREAK THE HABIT bigstock-silhouette-of-construction-1123058

If you have the habit of taking dangerous shortcuts, break it. In our work it can be deadly. An iron worker who tried to cross an opening by swinging on reinforcing rods slipped and fell 20′ onto a concrete floor. If he had taken a few moments to walk around the opening, he’d still be tying rods.


If you are told to go to a particular work area, the Company expects you to take the safe route, not the shorter, more hazardous one. The Company, however, can’t be a guardian angel sitting on your shoulder. Avoiding dangerous shortcuts is up to you. And it’s your responsibility to warn…

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Things to Do After a Car Accident


  • car-accident1Use your cell phone to take pictures of the accident.
  • If you are purchasing a new vehicle, be sure to note the standard and optional safety features, such as where and how many air bags come with the car. Research crash test results, and consider built-in monitoring services such as General Motors’ OnStar system. These can notify emergency personnel of an accident.
  • If you have a cell phone, make any calls you need to make either in the privacy of your car, if you can, or away from any witnesses. Again, do not try to explain what happened to anyone on the phone, e.g. the tow truck driver. Just say, there has been an accident.
  • Remain calm and above all remain silent. You will likely be disoriented and confused after a serious accident, even if think you’re uninjured. Many people will arrive at the scene of the accident and ask…

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Bryce Canyon area


Tuesday afternoon I did the Mossy Cave Trail, but instead of going to the cave I took the branch that overlooks the waterfall. It was a nice walk along the river with some more spectacular hoodoos and I spotted some arches, too.

Wednesday morning Jerry took me on an OHV excursion, my first one, and it was terrific. We went into Casto Canyon, then up onto high country so there was a variety of scenery. Lots of great hoodoos and then interesting white rock at the end. Amazing how the trees cling to the edge there. We crossed a wide wash several times and I can imagine that during flash floods it is quite different than the dry wash we crossed.

Click here for more photos

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New Mineral Named After Utah Geologist

CBS Las Vegas

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A newly discovered mineral has been named after a University of Utah scientist who runs a lab that analyzes inorganic compounds.

It’s called nashite, a rare bluish-green mineral found in tiny quantities in abandoned uranium mines in Utah and Colorado.

A scientific group named it after geology and geophysics professor Barbara Nash.

Nash didn’t find the mineral and says it has no known human application, even for jewelry, because it’s just too small.

It was discovered in 2010 by retired University of Utah medical technologist Joe Marty, who has 2,000 of the world’s 5,000 known minerals in his collection.

Marty and other researchers described the mineral for the scientific journal Canadian Mineralogist in February.

The International Mineralogical Association agreed to name the mineral after Nash.

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Police search property for missing Utah mom’s remains

Atasteofcreole's Blog

Authorities investigating the disappearance of Utah mother Susan Powell spent two days this week searching a rural Oregon property for her remains, Powell’s father said Wednesday.

Chuck Cox said in an interview Wednesday night that the search didn’t turn up any sign of his daughter. The property east of Salem, Ore., was in a remote area but had ties to the Powell family, Cox said.

“I’m disappointed,” said Cox, who accompanied some of the search dogs on the hunt. “I just don’t know where she is, but we’ll keep looking for her.”

Susan Powell was reported missing in December 2009 after she didn’t show up for work. Her husband, Josh, maintained his innocence and said he took the couple’s young boys on a midnight camping trip in freezing temperatures the night his wife disappeared.

In February 2012, Josh Powell locked a social worker out of his home at the…

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Car crash at Grafton High is only a drill

Great idea!

Greater Grafton

There will be a car crash this morning at Grafton High School. Several students will be taken away by ambulance. Some will die. One, the person at the wheel, will be arrested for drunk driving.

This is only a drill.

In preparation for the busy spring season of prom and graduation, the Grafton High School SADD and Peer Leaders will be holding a mock crash in the high school parking lot. Students will be dismissed at 9 a.m. to the parking lot, where for 35 minutes they will get a look at what it might be like to see their fellow students involved in a car accident.

If you see flashing lights and emergency vehicles at the high school this morning, this is the reason. It’s only a drill.

This time.

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