Man tries to run over teens, witnesses beat up driver

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OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s street justice; a reckless driver found himself in a world of hurt this week.

It all started when the suspect, Eric Miller, allegedly jumped the curb and tried to run over a group of teens at an apartment complex in far northeast Oklahoma City.

Before the police arrived, that suspect got beat up by an angry mob of witnesses.

“It was just crazy; I’m still a little shook up from it,” Alishia Lee said. Street justice suspect

Lee’s nephew and a few other boys were standing in the lawn when they said a 43-year-old highly-intoxicated driver jumped the curb and tried to run over them on purpose.

“He said, ‘I’ve got something for y’all’,” teen Deondre Street said. “He could have killed us. He was driving straight for us and we all ran.”

The teens, including Street, escaped the driver without being hit but several witnesses then took…

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