Find the fault first: Pedestrian Accidents are not always Car Driver’s fault



With over 100,000 pedestrian accidents annually, road of the US cannot be called safe for people. Around 50% of the people die due to pedestrian accidents other get injured. The extent of the injuries can range from minor injuries to brain injuries, broken bones, and complete disfigurement, temporary or permanent disablement. Who is at fault?   

The pedestrian can be at fault too, but most commonly the fault lies with the car driver who is in charge of controlling the vehicle and can save, if possible, the pedestrian from injury. When a child runs in front of a speeding car and is too close to the vehicle, generally the fault lies with the child as at that particular instance, the driver is unable to stop the car or the panic situation might force the driver to act otherwise. Whatever the case may be, the fault needs to be ascertained and…

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