Students Get Firsthand Look At Distracted Driving Dangers

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CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

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MANSFIELD (CBS 11 NEWS) – Watching through special goggles attached to a high-tech simulator, high school senior Tyera Breeze had what would be an important experience. “This is life-changing,” she said.

Breeze entered a car that simulates drunk driving, and quickly discovered – just how dangerous it could be. “It was scary, because I was like, ‘I don’t have control of the vehicle,’” she said. “I’m hitting people. I just killed somebody. I’ve got this citation now. It was kind of scary.”

The teenager was among 250 high school students in the Mansfield Independent School District who took part in the UNITE Arrive Alive event.

The students’ lessons went beyond just driving simulations. They also spoke one-on-one with officers from the Mansfield Police Department, nurses, judges, and even a funeral director.

The messages were supposed to encourage the students to not only avoid drinking and driving, but…

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