Know What to do if You’re in an Auto Accident

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Gerry Own

(ARA) – No one wants to think about being in an auto accident. But even the safest drivers can be involved in an accident and the fact is that if it happens to you, you may be upset, frightened and not thinking straight. Knowing what to do and being prepared will help you deal with an accident.

The best defense is a good offense, and prevention is the easiest way to avoid an accident. Make sure your car is in good working order so that you don’t stall out on the highway going 60 miles an hour. Check your brakes regularly so you know you can stop when you need to, and make sure your tires are in good shape — worn down treads give you less control, especially in wet driving conditions. Drive defensively — don’t eat, talk on the phone, or do anything else that will distract you…

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Two Medics Killed in Ambulance Accident Remembered

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NW Fire Blog

Two Indianapolis Local 416 Medics Killed in Ambulance Accident

Updated February 18, 2013 – The IAFF and Indianapolis Local 416 regret to report the deaths of two Local 416 Medics. EMT Timothy C. McCormick and Paramedic Cody S. Medley were killed when a car ran a red light and collided with their IEMS ambulance early Saturday morning.

Twenty-four-year old McCormick had been a part of the Indianapolis EMS team for the last three years. Medley, 22, had been on the job since June of 2010.

“Our deepest condolences go out to Tim’s and Cody’s families and friends and their brothers and sisters in Indianapolis,” says IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger, “We are deeply saddened by this tragedy.”

Indianapolis EMS was formed in 2010 as a partnership between the City of Indianapolis and Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County. IEMS operates as a division of the Department of Public Safety…

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Have you been distracted before?

Law Offices Of Jeffrey E. Martin, LLC

Unfortunately, one of the growing areas of motor vehicle collisions are those incidents involving “distracted driving.” Although people enjoy and even feel compelled to stay “up-to-date” by constantly reading texts or making cell phone calls, such technological advances are taking a toll on roadway safety. Although we have all heard and read about the dangers of either texting or talking on cell phones while driving, it is important to note that even in a supposedly “safe” mode of using a cell phone, such as with a hands-free speaking device, medical studies have shown that even speaking through a hands-free device can adversely affect a driver’s attention.  Medical research based upon the brain scan studies has shown conclusively that our brains simply cannot focus on more than one task at a time. (Marcel A. Just et al., A Decrease in Brain Activation Associated With Driving When Listening To Someone Speak

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Great article about wills. Do you have your will ready?

Just Wills

It is known that everybody wants to lead the happy life and his/ her only is concerned about the properties after the death. The person has the right to devolve his property after his death through a Will. It is advisable for everyone to write the Will to his or her loved ones. So that there will be not any fighting and legal expenditure for the property after death of concern person. Will is a testamentary instrument where tester can distribute property according he/her wishes.

A will is a written document by which dead man transfer his property to the living for enjoy the property according to their wish.   Of course, it can either oral or written. But written is advisable always. Another important aspect is one or two witnesses are mandatory in the presence of testator. The witnesses need not know the content of the will. Both movable and…

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Brooks Schuelke, an Austin personal injury attorney with Perlmutter & Schuelke, L.L.P., felt compelled recently to tell everyone that even baseball players may succumb to the side effects of traumatic brain injury.

“Former Cincinnati Reds baseball player, Ryan Freel, who was only 36-years-old, was recently found dead in his apartment. Police indicated his death8357183670_f8d2f7c083_m was a suicide as the result of a gunshot wound,” said Schuelke. “This was a player who had readily admitted that he had sustained at least ten concussions during the course of his career.”

Freel was a noted player and “one that fans and other players considered to be fearless, if not reckless on the playing field,” according to Schuelke. He took “chances that often panned out for him, but may have given him an up close and personal meeting with traumatic brain injury. He once missed 30 games after a rough collision with a teammate…

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Anyone have a home based franchise?

Raw Business Law


Flexible hours, fantastic earning potential and lower investment costs are just a few of the reasons a home-based franchise opportunity appeals to entrepreneurs everywhere. While some professionals prefer a structured work environment they can “leave at the office,” most others would enjoy the opportunity to be their own boss. Very few people are opposed to making their own schedules and building a lucrative business around their lifestyles. Of course, there are very important considerations and a great deal of research that must be taken into account before operating a home-based franchise business.

How will you Handle the Flexibility of a Home-Based Franchise Opportunity?

As any self-employed professional will admit, managing a business has its perks and occasional complexities. Among the perks is a flexible work schedule, which means one that will work around school plays, doctor visits, vacations and life in general. With that, comes the responsibility of organizing a…

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Every business owner should read this!

Planning for Your Business and Your Wealth

Great ideas are fun to imagine, design and develop. But in business, no idea is worthwhile if it can’t make money. How do you know if your idea could make money?

Honestly, you don’t. But don’t be discouraged! If you research carefully, you can get a pretty good sense of whether people would be willing to pay for your idea.  My banker friends Jeff Arminger of BB&T and Steve Wientge of The Columbia Bank call this break-even analysis.

What is Break-Even Analysis?

A break-even analysis determines the amount of income your business requires to offset its expenses. It’s a pretty simple concept and there are plenty of resources that can help with the calculation. This is Business 101: You need take in more than you spend. Once you’ve done that, you can determine whether the amount above the break-even line (your profit) is significant enough to justify the…

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Raw Business Law


Gradually more and more people are turning to the real estate foreclosures business and seeing it as a great option for investment. Following a few tips you can make a lot of money in this market. When a foreclosed house is on auction you can manage to get the property at a rate much below the value of the home when other people are not interested in buying. When you purchase property at such a low price there are immense possibilities of making a lot of money when you put the house back on market. Making money on real estate foreclosures is indeed a good idea. Buy cheap homes and make money by reselling. Foreclosure occurs when the property of a borrower get seized because the loan is not paid on time. It is an unavoidable procedure and can be faced by anybody incapable of paying loans on time. Foreclosures…

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Drunk Driver Collided with Another Car on Hwy 99, Two Injured

Portland Accident News

Date: January 25, 2013
Location: Highway 99, Road
Name: Barbara McLaughlin, Sean Elwood Lundy, Rostam Mirzadi, Jeffery Lucas Russel

A drunken driving accident resulted in serious injuries to one and moderate injuries to another on Friday, January 25, 2013.

Sean Elwood Lundy, 21, of Forest Grove, was operating his pickup truck on US Highway 99 in Del Norte County. It was reported that he lost control of his 1998 Toyota Tacoma and crossed into oncoming traffic, colliding with Barbara McLaughlin, 50, from Gasquet, Calif. Lundy’s vehicle spun directly in front of her and McLaughlin hit him on the right side of the truck with her 2000 Honda C-RV. Both vehicles then came to a rest on the side of roadway.

Both Lundy and McLaughlin were injured in the accident and were transported to Sutter Coast Hospital. Lundy’s two passengers, Rostam Mirzadi, 20 of Eureka, and Jeffery Lucas Russel, 19 of…

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