Austin Law Firm Recovers $360,000 in Pre-Suit Car Accident Case

What are your thoughts on this? Did she deserve what she got?


The Loewy Law Firm recovered $360,000 for a client, who hit a parked car that was negligently left on the highway. The case was settled pre-suit and resulted in a $215,000 net recovery for the client.

The client was hospitalized for serious injuries sustained during the accident. However, law enforcement officers cited the client for failing to control her speed while driving. The client spoke with insurance companies, who told her that “she was responsible for the crash and refused to pay any money for any injuries or other damages she sustained during the accident,” according to the firm.

The Loewy Law Firm ( argued that the client was not at fault for the crash and help her recover financial compensation, successfully negotiating a $360,000 settlement before the case went to trial. The pre-suit settlement resulted in a $215,000 net recovery for the woman.

Attorney Adam Loewy said “Potential clients…

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