Austin Law Firm Recovers $360,000 in Pre-Suit Car Accident Case

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The Loewy Law Firm recovered $360,000 for a client, who hit a parked car that was negligently left on the highway. The case was settled pre-suit and resulted in a $215,000 net recovery for the client.

The client was hospitalized for serious injuries sustained during the accident. However, law enforcement officers cited the client for failing to control her speed while driving. The client spoke with insurance companies, who told her that “she was responsible for the crash and refused to pay any money for any injuries or other damages she sustained during the accident,” according to the firm.

The Loewy Law Firm ( argued that the client was not at fault for the crash and help her recover financial compensation, successfully negotiating a $360,000 settlement before the case went to trial. The pre-suit settlement resulted in a $215,000 net recovery for the woman.

Attorney Adam Loewy said “Potential clients…

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Who is at Fault in Accident Injury?


We had taken out first step in Cindy’s accident injury law case. Cindy had signed up with the personal injury attorney and she had given the accident details, the account of how did it happen. The attorney’s pleasant smile told us that he was comfortable with the case. He knew that he will win the case of his client. His client was the victim. Now all he had to do was talk to the other parties involved and ascertain who was at fault. Right now it seemed that both the drivers were at fault. The law did not give any leverage to drunk driving, neither any leeway was given by law to the person barging in the wrong alley, breaking the written down driving rules nor could he take the plea of error as the No Entry sign was there at the lane’s end.

Yet he said the reason for…

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Should my Business be an LLC? A Question for the Great Oz

Planning for Your Business and Your Wealth

Determining whether your business should be an LLC (or a Sole Proprietorship) is daunting even with a grasp of the basic differences. Ultimately, it’s a question of diligence between you and the corporate veil.

The corporate veil is a legal concept most easily illustrated by the Wizard of Oz. The towering, Technicolorful personality of Oz is all smoke, thunderbolts, and righteous indignation. It is awesome in the truest sense of the word.

But there’s something out of place.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” commands Oz, a wizard tragically unfamiliar with the nuance of reverse psychology. So we pay attention, and behind this curtain we find nothing more than a meek, CGI-crazed old man. As soon as the illusion fades, so does our respect and awe.

The LLC is a popular form of business structure because it separates you as an individual from your company, Oz…

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The Impact of Foreclosure on Your Credit Score – Real Estate

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The impact of foreclosure on your credit score is the most frequently asked question we get. The method of calculating a credit score (FICO Score) is proprietary information. What complicates the issue even further is that all credit information is calculated into the individual’s credit score as it is entered by creditors and is only updated whenever there is an inquiry.

The second most asked question is “How soon does the foreclosure go on my credit report?” This depends on the lender but in the vast majority of cases, as soon as the homeowner is 90 days late (30 days in some states), the foreclosure info is filed with the credit reporting agencies. It will not be “reversed” by a short sale or a deed in lieu of foreclosure unless negotiated by the homeowner, and often that doesn’t work.

So with the foreclosure question, the homeowner’s credit score is first…

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Salt Lake City Bike-Sharing Program to Launch in April

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This information comes from the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce blog:

Earlier this week the Salt Lake Tribune proclaimed “Salt Lake City bike-sharing program to launch in April.” If this is the first you’ve heard about it, GREENbike (the SLC Bike Share program) is a partnership between the Salt Lake Chamber, Downtown Alliance, Salt Lake City and private sector sponsors.



A Bike Share program is a network of many Bike Share stations where members can take any bike from any station, as many times as they like, for a small membership fee.


Bike Share trips are short trips that get you from point A to point B (typically 30 minutes or less). The stations are near transit stops, popular destinations for food, entertainment and other Bike Share stations.


Bike share is not bike rental
Bike rental is renting a specific…

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