Do you own a business?

 Ensuring Your Work Is Protected

The process of protecting your business logo, name, product or services does not need to be expensive or confusing. While the trademark process can be very complicated and difficult to maneuver, at LeBaron & Jensen, P.C., our attorneys guide you through the trademark registration process in a professional and cost-effective manner. Services include:

  • Trademark Registration
  • Monitoring and Renewals
  • Office Actions
  • Enforcement and Litigation

We know that you have many other concerns, so we keep the trademark process as simple as possible. Generally, all you have to do is provide basic information and the necessary documentation. From there, we ensure no pre-existing trademark could cause the denial of your application, file the application and respond to any office actions on your behalf. From beginning to end, we will ensure your trademark is properly registered as quickly and easily as possible.


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Viacom has announced the first huge copyright infringement notice against YouTube. It has served YouTube with notice to remove 100,000 infringing videos.

As you know, YouTube is a site where people can post videos of just about anything. Millions of people visit the site, which made it attractive enough for Google to spend $1.65 billion dollars in stock to purchase the site. There is one problem, however. Many wonder how YouTube is any different than Napster when it comes to copyright issues.

There is absolutely nothing illegal or wrong about creating and posting a video on YouTube. Frankly, YouTube is a revolutionary site as shown by its popularity. Things get murkier, however, when people post videos that were made by others. As this article suggests, those “others” are often media companies and the companies are none to pleased that their television shows, movies and music videos are being uploaded without…

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Business Organization

Establishing a Solid Foundation for Your Business

At LeBaron & Jensen we understand the importance of starting your business correctly. We provide advice on choosing the right path for your company and establishing a sold foundation to protect against potential problems. When attempting to grow a company, you never know what the future holds. It is important to have an experienced attorney who can help protect you. LeBaron & Jensen, P.C., can help with short and long-term decisions regarding:

  • Business Organization
  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • “S” Corporations
  • “C” Corporations
  • Buyout or Sellout Agreements
  • Assistance in Business Startup Activities
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Partner Relations
  • Purchase and Sale of Businesses and Assets
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Commercial Leases and Employment Contracts
  • Negotiation of Distributorship, Franchise, and Licensing Agreements

We have successfully guided clients through the organization and restructuring process in Davis County, Weber County, and Salt Lake City County, as well as surrounding areas. Our attorneys have had experience helping local businesses since 2001 and are especially responsive to the unique demands of both small and large companies in the Utah community.